JPS Global Investments — Winter 2015 Newsletter

Dear Reader,

A new year always brings new hope and aspirations to make changes for the better with regards to health, career, money, and relationships. They key word is “change” as we seek to improve on how we did things in the past. Strangely — when it comes to investing — people’s tendency is the opposite: to look at the past rather than the future and invest in yesterday’s performers.


Press: 2013 Could Be a Clean Energy Inflection Point, Forbes (01/13)

In 2007, it seemed like clean energy was finally becoming mainstream. Both candidates for the US Presidency accepted the need to act on global warming, even if they did not agree on the degree, and clean energy stocks were rising even faster than the broad stock market. Then came the 2008 financial crisis, and many ...


Press: 3 Money Managers See LED Industry Shining in 2013 (01/13)

This is the third article in my series based on my panel of green money managers’ predictions for 2013. The first article looked at what they expect 2013 holds for the Solar industry, and the second looked at their predictions for the Smart Grid. This installment focuses on the LED industry. Jeff Cianci: Faster than ...


JPS Global Investments — Fall 2014 Newsletter

Dear Reader,

I have never been much of a fan of the local news broadcast. It doesn’t make me particularly happy or improve my understanding of the world to learn about the latest car crash, burglary, or consumer scam. On the more uplifting side, stories of a cat stuck in a tree, a dog on a skateboard, or a Girl Scout Troop giving back to the community are a bit lost on me. But these days I could be tempted to “go local,” because the news that actually matters is quite unsettling at present: Ukraine, Islamic State, Ebola, and Hong Kong, to name a few headlines. Goldman Sachs came out with a call to “buy American Exceptionalism,” but it sounded more like a sales pitch and in this interconnected world it is hard to believe we can dance while Rome burns.


JPS Global Investments — Summer 2014 Newsletter

Dear Reader,

Sometimes change is good. In that spirit, I have revamped my newsletter. Whereas in letters past, I have provided a digest of the markets, I have decided to take a different tack going forward and share some personal observations and anecdotes of the world of investing with you. Rather than trying to take a panoramic picture of what is an ever changing landscape I will focus on finding unique snapshots that I hope you will find interesting, insightful, and at times perhaps even amusing.