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JPS Global Investments offers tailored
investment management & wealth planning.

JPS Global Investments is a fee-only investment advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to put our clients’ interests first. We offer asset management and financial planning. Our areas of specialty include:

Since 2007, we have helped clients achieve their financial objectives and life goals, while adhering to their values in the way we construct portfolios. As consumers we decide how and where we spend our dollars and what companies we choose to do business with. Why would we not extend the same courtesy to our clients’ investment dollars? At JPS we believe all money counts and we should invest our clients’ money in alignment with their preferences, avoiding companies or areas of investment they wish to avoid and seeking out investments that align with our clients’ stated preferences and values. This freedom to choose where we invest our dollars does not conflict with the primacy of risk-adjusted investment returns. Learn more about our investment strategies.

We are based in San Carlos, CA and are well versed in the financial issues that are front and center to our clients throughout Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, including appreciated real estate assets, planning around employee stock and stock option grants, funding a home purchase, and navigating a high tax burden. Beyond our local market, we work with clients throughout California and nationwide, as well as those wishing to retire – or having already retired – abroad.

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