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Real Impact, Real Returns SM


JPS Global Investments offers tailored investment management & wealth planning.

Our mission is simple: to help our clients reach their financial objectives and life goals, while tailoring our investment approach to their unique circumstances and values. Whether investing for retirement, family, or philanthropy, our clients can count on us to be there for them every step of the way.

At the core of what we do, is our fiduciary duty to put our clients’ interests first. As a fee-only advisor we are focused on protecting and growing our clients’ wealth, not on selling financial products. Our firm culture also values independent thinking and forward-looking advice. We believe these are two key ingredients of financial success and we are not afraid to be different. Our clients deserve no less.

Assess your current portfolio for impact and return.

Industry Affiliations

CFA Society San Francisco San Carlos, CA JPS Global Investments

Financial Planning Association San Carlos, CA JPS Global Investments

XY Planning Network San Carlos, CA JPS Global Investments

First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC San Carlos, CA JPS Global Investments