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Real Impact, Real Returns SM

Are ESG Funds All That Different?

ESG investing is all the rage these days. That is, investing that includes the non-traditional environmental, social, and governance factors in the investment process. Its appeal to the broader investment industry is twofold: 1) The writing is on the wall: as wealth is passed down to younger generations who in the aggregate care more about values alignment, the asset management industry does not want to lose the assets and the fees they generate. 2) Thematic investing is popular and ESG is one of the hottest themes. Wall Street is not going to miss out. Much like crypto is too good to pass up.

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More Economic Growth, More Speculation

When we started the year, I was optimistic about the post-pandemic world that was, and is, still some ways off; a sentiment I shared with many. That optimism does not seem to have been misplaced thus far. Vaccination rates have far exceeded early predictions and herd immunity in the United States is a mere 3months off, according to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker. At the same time, we should bear in mind that many countries, including India and Brazil, are far from out of the woods and 2021 might well end up being deadlier than 2020was, from a global perspective.

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A Hopeful Dawn, A Post-Pandemic Economy

I feel optimistic about the future. To be sure, that is no reflection of what is today, but of what is possible. Almost every holiday card I received, hit 2020 with the door on the way out. Although the personal and collective tragedies of this past year will not soon recede from memory, hopeful seeds are sprouting.

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Funding The Energy Transition at Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union’s vision is a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement, and our credit union helps make this vision a reality by: (1) making it easier for everyone to afford clean energy and energy-saving products and services by offering clean energy loans with amazing terms; and (2) making it easier for everyone to invest in the clean energy movement by offering federally insured deposit accounts and clean energy CDs whereby the deposits are solely used to help others pursue their clean energy and energy-saving projects.

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Elections, a Big Tech Reckoning, and Running on Hydrogen

2020 will come to an end, that is one of the few certainties we have as we are nearing the election and a fall wave of the pandemic appears to be materializing. For many folks I speak to – and I share their sentiment – this year will not be missed. So, what of the election? What is an investor to do? Though a fair question, I cannot really line up behind a better strategy than to not do much or nothing at all. Whatever action one takes, has an unpredictable outcome, so could potentially do more harm than good.

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