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Real Impact, Real Returns SM

The Jobless Stock Market Recovery and a Winning Green Economy

Three months have passed since our last newsletter and the Coronavirus is still with us. For better or worse, people have adapted somewhat to the new reality. It does not make it less tragic, but a perennial state of crisis is not a preferred way to live. It is also quite remarkable how adaptable people are, giving credence to the expression “necessity is the mother of invention.” Folks have taken to working from home, moving professional and social lives to a virtual setting, and figuring out how to navigate the six feet exclusionary zone, for the most part. This adaptive coping is not entirely unrelated to the relentless recovery in the stock market. Be that as it may, it still begs the question: why is the stock market going up when the economy is going down? If you haven't seen that headline before, you read it here first. It is always possible to create a narrative to explain what happens in the stock market, after the fact.

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

With the market's rapid rebound from March lows and the Nasdaq Composite stock index closing higher than it was at the end of last year, many of us are probably asking ourselves: Did I miss my chance to buy at the lows? or: Will I ever make up for my losses? These questions point to dangerous emotions for stock market investors. Fear of missing out often leads to investment mistakes. This is why investment advisors always tell their clients that they are better off not looking at their portfolios in a downturn. A big loss makes some people want to sell everything, for fear...

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