Inflation, Retiring Abroad and a Changed Climate

Dear Clients and Friends, Stock indices grinded higher in the 2nd quarter, although the most speculative corners of the market have come under pressure since early June. In the crypto world, Ethereum was flat during the quarter, bitcoin was off 40% and the basket of 37 meme stocks tracked by Goldman Sachs has recently entered […]

Are ESG Funds All That Different?

In a recent article published on, Jan looks at one the current hottest investment themes – ESG. ESG investing is all the rage these days. That is, investing that includes the non-traditional  environmental, social, and governance factors in the investment process.  Its appeal to the broader investment industry is twofold: 1) The writing is on […]

More Economic Growth, More Speculation

April 20, 2021 Dear Clients and Friends, When we started the year, I was optimistic about the post-pandemic world that was, and is, still some ways off; a sentiment I shared with many. That optimism does not seem to have been misplaced thus far. Vaccination rates have far exceeded early predictions and herd immunity in […]

A Hopeful Dawn, A Post-Pandemic Economy

January 29, 2021  Dear Clients and Friends, I feel optimistic about the future. To be sure, that is no reflection of what is today, but of what is possible.  Almost every holiday card I received, hit 2020 with the door on the way out. Although the personal and collective tragedies of this past year will not soon […]

Elections, a Big Tech Reckoning, and Running on Hydrogen

Dear Clients and Friends, 2020 will come to an end, that is one of the few certainties we have as we are nearing the election and a fall wave of the pandemic appears to be materializing. For many folks I speak to – and I share their sentiment – this year will not be missed. […]

The Jobless Stock Market Recovery and a Winning Green Economy

Dear Clients and Friends, Three months have passed since our last newsletter and the Coronavirus is still with us. For better or worse, people have adapted somewhat to the new reality. It does not make it less tragic, but a perennial state of crisis is not a preferred way to live. It is also quite […]

The Post-Pandemic Portfolio – JPS Global Investments Newsletter

Dear Clients and Friends, I hope this letter finds you healthy in body and spirit. First, let me join many in expressing gratitude for the people who work in essential businesses who keep the food supply going, see to our health, ensure our power & water remains on, and respond to our emergencies, often with […]