XY Planning Network Podcast

Jan recently joined Erica Blake from LifePath Financial Advisors and Maddy Roche from XY Planning Network on an episode of XYPN Radio. They discussed the value clients get from making an impact through SRI/ESG investing as well as how the industry has shifted over the years to become more accepting of SRI-focused investments. Listen here: https://blog.xyplanningnetwork.com/podcast-blog/ep-266-helping-clients-make-an-impact-through-sri-esg-investing-the-careers-of-erica-blake-and-jan-schalkwijk

Green Bonds Podcast

Jan Schalkwijk recently joined Linda Rogers on her Investing Forward Podcast to talk about green bonds. Green bonds come in different shapes and sizes, available to large and small investors alike. They are typically backed by the credit of the issuer, not the project, allowing you to make a targeted impact investment at a risk level of […]