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Impact the Environment While 

Growing Your Wealth 

Investing for the future of your family, retirement, or philanthropy is the goal of many people. We strive to ensure our clients and their family are well taken care of and feel it’s our fiduciary duty to do so. We tailor our investment approach to each client’s circumstances and needs to make the process quicker and easier.

Because we are a fee-only advisor, we focus on growing and protecting our client’s wealth, not on financial products. However, we believe independent thinking and forward-looking advice are two key ingredients to financial success for our clients and their families. We will help achieve that because our clients deserve no less from us.

We offer two portfolio options for our clients:

1.     The Green Economy Portfolio focuses on companies in green sectors or companies with material exposure to renewable energy, cleantech, or environmental markets.

2.     The Green Income Portfolio invests in companies that the manager believes will thrive in an economy that increasingly has to consider resource scarcity and environmental impact.