Investment Management

Customized Portfolios

Certain investment approaches have consistently led to better risk adjusted performance — diversification, rebalancing, and an aversion to crowd following. At the same time, a prudent investor should be forward-looking and adapt to a changing world. Our client-centric portfolios are built on a foundation of proven investment techniques and incorporate a forward-looking assessment of financial markets, asset classes, and economies and a critical evaluation of conventional wisdom. We tailor our portfolios to our clients’ unique circumstances and cover a broad risk spectrum from conservative to growth investors. We also offer socially responsible and impact-oriented investment portfolios, for those clients who wish to invest with a values approach.

Fossil Fuel Free Portfolios

Broadly diversified portfolios that exclude exposure to the fossil fuel industry and are optimized to give targeted exposure to specific asset classes, including US Large Cap, US All Cap, International Equity, and Emerging Markets.

Green Economy Strategy

Global economic growth will become increasingly constrained by ecological limits, which lead to higher environmental costs and resource scarcity. At the same time, growth in the population size and standard of living in emerging and frontier markets is accelerating the demand for resources and putting ever greater strain on the planet’s ecosystems. As a result, the global economy needs to generate more output with less physical inputs, and fewer environmental externalities. This, in turn will drive demand for products and services related to renewable energy, water & waste management, and pollution control. Our proprietary Green Economy strategy seeks to capitalize on opportunities in these sectors with the objective of delivering long-term capital growth. We look to investing in stock of companies that are on solid financial ground today and can deliver innovation for tomorrow.

Green Income Strategy

Invests in dividend-paying companies engaged in clean energy, resource efficiency, and environmental markets such as recycling and pollution abatement.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning & Consulting

Financial success often starts with a solid financial plan. A roadmap that informs our investment decisions going forward. As Warren Buffett articulated so succinctly: “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” Having an actionable financial plan increases your chances of making the right financial choices along the way, considering that they are few and very impactful. Our approach to financial planning is to build plans that are comprehensive, yet actionable. No one is served by an 80-page financial plan that is unwieldy and cannot form the basis for effective decision making. “Simple but not simplistic” is our guiding principle when creating financial plans for our clients. We also review the plans with our clients from time to time, to ensure progress and adapt to changing circumstances. The creation of the plan is a collaborative effort that is tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual client. In addition to comprehensive financial planning, we also offer consulting services, for clients with specific needs, or those seeking advice on an hourly or project basis.