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Invest in the Green Economy

Green Economy Folio

Green Economy Folio

The Green Economy Folio invests in companies that are in green sectors or have material exposure to renewable energy, cleantech, or environmental markets.

The Folio is 75% passive or “beta” – optimized to the MSCI World Index – and 25% active or “alpha,” comprised of a small number of high conviction stock ideas. 

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Green Income Folio

Green Income Folio

The Green Income Folio invests in companies that the manager believes will thrive in an economy that increasingly has to consider resource scarcity and environmental impact.

The Folio invests in dividend paying stocks of companies engaged in clean energy, resource efficiency, and environmental markets such as recycling and pollution abatement. 

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Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Free Folio

Fossil Fuel Free Folio

The Fossil Fuel Free Folio is a bespoke portfolio that incorporates client specific screening criteria in addition to excluding fossil fuel companies. 

The Folio can be optimized to several indices, representing the US, global, or international stock markets. The Folio also optimizes for low scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions which reduces the portfolio carbon footprint beyond what fossil fuel exclusion would accomplish. 

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All Folios are diversified on a sector, company size, and country basis, with a majority of holdings being US-domiciled. All Folios are fossil fuel free in accordance with 350.org.